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Testimonials from Blue Sky Natural Vet Clients

“18 months ago, our dog's back and back legs were so compromised we feared we would have to have him put down; he was in obvious pain. As a last resort we tried acupuncture - and Emma Styles was recommended. I can only tell you that today, our dog is running around without taking pain killers, is only occasionally on anti-inflammatories, and this miraculous turnaround can only be down to Emma's great work with him.”

“We got our dog back when we thought we were losing him. The acupuncture works.”

“My cat’s been treated for 3 years now and she has become so much better over the years - more alert and more fun-loving. I think she even enjoys being treated and all the attention she is getting during the treatment. It is also very reassuring for me that we see you on a regular basis and can discuss general issues as they arise. Thank you very much!”

“If I hadn't seen Emma in action, I wouldn't have expected a dog not only to respond to the treatment, but positively enjoy it too. His suppleness after exercise is better now than it was a year ago. I am so pleased with the results.”

“One surprising & unexpected benefit is how personally rewarding the treatment days are; they bring a sense of calm & wellbeing into the house.”

“The treatment you gave him made such a difference to the quality of the last year of his life. Thank you for enabling an old dog to enjoy his life more.”

“Emma has given us an extraordinary kind of care that one is thrilled to find for one's greatest friends. Her approach is practical and participatory. She has shown the utmost respect for the relationship between human and the animal and used her skill, compassion and excellent insight to align with that bond.”

“Emma has been treating our cats, aged 15 and 13, for approximately 9 months for arthritis. Both seemed to benefit quickly and appeared less stiff and far more comfortable. I highly recommend both Emma as an acupuncturist and acupuncture as a treatment option for cats.”

“We saw an immediate improvement in his energy levels and mobility. Emma has given him pain relief from a swollen and degenerative joint and has in our opinion made him a happier dog.”

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