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How Much Is Best?

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The amount you need to feed of this type of diet will vary for each individual. Most dogs will require between 3 and 8% of their body weight as a total amount of food each day, and cats between 5 and 10%. Smaller, growing and more active animals will need higher amounts than older, larger and less active animals. For example a 5kg older cat will need about 250g of food each day. As a rough guide, if you have been feeding mainly wet commercial food, then the total weight or volume of the new diet will be similar to the old diet or slightly less. If you have been feeding mostly dry food, then you will need to feed approximately three times that weight or volume of the new diet.

The best way to gauge how much to feed is to watch your animal’s weight! Many dogs and cats are overweight and suffer because of it. At an ideal weight you should just be able to see the shadow of your dog or cat’s ribs, and feel them under your hand. If they have a good covering over the ribs or are reluctant to exercise, they may be overweight. Ask your vet for a weight check. A good quality raw diet with appropriate exercise will help to naturally regulate weight.

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