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Raw Food Natural Diets for Dogs and Cats

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I support natural raw food diets for both my canine and feline patients when they are able to tolerate it. The following information is provided as a guide to raw food feeding, and will be relevant to most dogs and cats without major health problems. Animals with certain medical conditions may do better with modified diets. This is discussed in the Food Therapy section, but please note I am unable to recommend a particular diet for any animal not under my care. There are many references available about raw food feeding. I would recommend The BARF Diet and other books by Dr Ian Billinghurst, and Work Wonders – Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale. My colleague Clare Middle in Australia has recently published an excellent small book called Real Food for Dogs and Cats that is available in the UK through Canine Health Concern. The UK BARF club website also has helpful information.

Wild diets

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Some safety guidelines

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Variety and the food of life

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Are supplements necessary?

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How much is best?

The amount you need to feed of this type... more

Making the change

When starting a new diet, there are... more

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