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Case Stories


Henry the dog

Henry was a 12-year-old entire male labrador retriever who first came to me with gastrointestinal problems and elbow osteoarthritis. His gait was heavy and stiff and he would get tired very quickly, especially after an upset stomach.

Henry responded well to acupuncture for his joint pain and was a much happier dog. His owner also put him on a good quality home cooked diet that considerably improved his digestion and energy levels. He suffered with various age related problems as he got older but always recovered, until after three years of treatment Henry died quietly at home aged 16 years.


JJ the dog

JJ is a collie cross who was 9 years old when I first treated him for hip pain and hock osteoarthritis. He had a hopping right hind limb lameness and difficulty rising and climbing stairs. He also had poorly growing, dry and cracked nails. JJ always enjoyed his acupuncture and made steady progress. His owner and I added Traditional Chinese ?Blood Tonic? herbs and foods to his diet to help his chronic nail problems and for extra joint support.


Kokko the cat

Kokko was a 10-year-old neutered male domestic shorthaired cat who came to me with chronic bladder and behaviour problems. He suffered with painful urination and intermittent vomiting and would often attack his owners and get extremely stressed at the vet. After starting acupuncture he became a happier more relaxed cat. His cystitis responded to Chinese herbs and his digestion improved with a home cooked diet.


Leon the dog

Leon is a male mastiff cross who was 8 years old when I started treating him for severe degenerative joint disease in his right front foot and his left hock and hip joint. He responded very well to acupuncture and hydrotherapy for his mobility problems and was always waiting at the door for me when I came to see him.


Galaxy with Maisie

Galaxy was a 10-year-old neutered male lurcher when I first treated him for osteoarthritis of his knees, hocks, carpal joints (wrists) and toes. He was nervous but always relaxed once the needles were in place and responded excellently in terms of mobility and pain relief. Galaxy had regular treatments for several years until he was euthanased by his usual vet for an unrelated problem.


Popo the cat

Popo is a neutered male Siamese cat and was 6 years old when I started treating him. He suffered with a range of problems including a chronic cough, weight gain, intermittent skin problems and conjunctivitis, all of which were exacerbated by stress and responded to a combination of acupuncture, food therapy and homeopathy.


Jessie the dog

When I first saw her Jessie was 14 and suffering from a series of age-related problems including a weak back and hind legs, hip pain, muscle tremors, urinary tract infections, incontinence, and vision and hearing problems. Acupuncture and electro-acupuncture improved her mobility and strengthened her back considerably until she was diagnosed with kidney failure. At that point her owners decided to ask their vet to put her to sleep.

Fat Boy

Fat Boy - Tabby Cat

Fat Boy is a neutered male domestic shorthaired cat and was 7 years old when I started treating him in 2006. He is FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive and suffers with back pain and osteoarthritis of his hock joints. Despite being a nervous cat Fat Boy tolerates his acupuncture very well. It gives him pain relief and improves his mobility, together with glucosamine, chondroitin and Pet Plus for nutritional support.

See also Case Stories 1

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