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Referral Info and to Make an Appointment

For Owners:

Please contact me by email or telephone to discuss your animal’s needs. This will give me a sense of the problem and what kind of treatment might be helpful.

I then ask that you contact your usual vet and request a referral, as I cannot see your animal without their consent. This involves your vet forwarding to me all recent and relevant medical history and their consent to my treatment, either by email or post. Once I have a referral and medical history we can schedule the first appointment.

I see patients either by home visit or at one of the surgeries where I run clinics. I am available for limited home visits in East London and some Central London addresses, and I run three London clinics as follows: 11am to 4pm Thursdays at Notting Hill Veterinary Centre, 106 Talbot Road W11 1JR and Barons Court Veterinary Centre, 2 Comeragh Road W14 9HP, and 11am to 2pm Tuesdays at Medivet Southwark, previously Andrew Kirby’s Veterinary Surgery, 79 Grange Road SE1 3BW. See the maps below for directions but please contact me in person to make an appointment.

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For Referring Veterinary Surgeons:

I work on a referral only basis and will only see a patient with your consent and full cooperation. I do undertake to keep you informed of your patient’s progress and will refer back to you for all conventional treatment. I prefer to offer my services as part of an integrated approach that utilises both the conventional medicine provided by the usual practice team and the additional therapies that I provide to support that.

In order to start seeing a case I need a copy of all clinical history that is recent or at all relevant to the current condition. Please forward these by email or post to my practice address. If you wish to discuss a case please contact me by telephone or email and we can arrange a time to speak.

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